Greek Ship Registration

About the Flag

Greece is a member of the EU, NATO, the OECD, the UN, and the IMO. It is in southern Europe bordering the Aegean, Ionian, and Mediterranean Seas between Turkey and Albania. The nation has a presidential parliamentary government with its capital in Athens. Its legal system is based on codified Roman law. There is a President and Prime Minister as well as a unicameral Chamber of Deputies.

Greece has a mixed capitalist economy with tourism and shipping as major sources of foreign exchange and agriculture that is nearly self-sufficient. Exports include manufactured goods and foodstuffs, and major trading partners are Germany, Italy, and France. The unit of currency is the euro.

Greece has one of the most celebrated maritime traditions in history. Its registry was established by the Royal Decree of 1836 on Commercial Shipping. Thereafter, the Royal Decree No. 10/7-17-1910, as amended, came into force and continues to regulate all registration procedures.

In June 2012 government reforms re-established the standalone Ministry of Merchantile Marine and the Aegean following three years during which it was part of a combined Ministry of Developement, Competitiveness and Shipping. The maritime community believes this restoration will strengthen the Greek fleet and industry.

The Ministry is the central Registry office, but all major Greek ports may accept vessel registration documents and may record mortgages.