New Compliance Assistance Program (CAP) for LISCR

Through Marine Advisory 01/2017 LISCR has developed a new CAP , which is the next evolution is the Registry’s Compliance Assistance Program (CAP). CAP is a fully automated information system to assist the owners,operators and Masters of Liberian flagged vessels 24/7.

 CAP gathers and analyzes information on flag and port State inspections, deficiencies and detentions and assists in risk assessment.


After conducting an analysis of the vessel and company history, CAP will:


• Send information to the Designated Persons Ashore (DPA) on the probability of a PortState Control Officer boarding their vessel;
• Request the DPA to have the Master complete a pre arrival check list and forward copy to the, and;
• Request a Safety Inspection when required.


The aim of the CAP is to assist owners and operators to reduce deficiencies and avoid undue delay of vessels due to a detention. Most detentions can be avoided, if deficiencies are corrected or reported before a vessels arrival in port. By increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the ANOA program vessel operators and their DPA(s) will have additional information to confirm compliance and/or reporting before arrival.
The system will generate and send automated e-mails and reminders from to the email on file for the DPA. DPAs with large fleets may wish to program their outlook to send all emails from to go to a specific subfolder where they can be reviewed