1. Guidance and assistance for interim and initial DOC audits of your office for certification by ROs. During this procedure our partner will provide to you with all necessary guidelines and training of your shore staff for interim and/or initial DOC certification.

  2. Development of all mandatory shipboard procedures manuals according to Flag specific requirements and vessel’s type.

  3. ISM/ISPS/MLC facilitation and day-to-day full support (for monthly consulting services).
  1. On board ISM internal audit.

  2. On board ISPS internal audit.

  3. On board MLC internal inspection.

  4. On board ship SECURITY assessment

  5. Representation during external ISM/MLC and ISPS audits by ROs.

  6. On board Safety, Quality, Security, Labour, Environmental Protection and RISK assessment training.

  7. Preparation and representation for PSC and FLAG inspection.



  1. ISM/ISPS facilitation and day to day full support.

  2. Preparation and execution of Office & Vessels scheduled internal audits for safety matters (ISM/ISPS).

  3. Preparation and execution of vessels unscheduled internal audits following PSC detention.

  4. Continuous Review and upgrade/amend your Company’s SMS/SSP in order to insert clauses/references, new procedures and/or relevant forms to ensure compliance with new International regulations and/or specific Flag Administration requirements coming into force.

  5. Training Courses onboard and ashore. Ensuring that S.M.S.M. /S.S.P. are understood by sea personnel and office staff.

  6. Reporting of Deficiencies and Non Conformities to the required level of management .

  7. Identification of those persons responsible to undertake the corrective actions against non compliance and non conformities.

  8. Investigating and analyzing reported deficiencies and non conformities in co-operation with vessel’s Masters and Superintendents.

  9. Investigating the root cause analysis of Non conformities, Maintenance Defects, Near misses and the close out/rectification of them.

  10. Programming Safety Management System review meetings and keeping relevant records. Also preparation / upgrading of Management review reports to include KPI’s

  11. Organising and executing Ship/Shore drills. Identifying training requirements of personnel involved in safety and pollution prevention and for training of the involved personnel , providing guidelines and directions to the ships officers for the implementation of the SMS/SSP ,Risk Management and Risk Assessments.

  12. Monitoring safety and pollution prevention matters.


  1. Safety.

  2. Value for Money.

  3. 100% Satisfaction.