marine management systems consulting services

It is our commitment to provide marine management systems consulting services that meet the needs and requirements of our clients and in compliance with the legislation and applicable regulations.

We assure that our services are planned and performed in a standard and controlled way following specific and defined procedures in the terms of our Quality System.

Our continual objectives for Quality are the following:

  • The provision of high quality services specific for each client.
  • The compliance to the legislative and regulatory requirements.
  • The business expansion and the increase of our clients’ database.
  • The immediate and effective response to our clients’ requests.
  • The increase of the customer satisfaction level.
  • The reduction of complaints and non conforming services.
  • The continual improvement of our equipment and technical resources.
  • The continual training and development of our personnel.

The above are achieved through:

  • The establishment and close observation of specific quality objectives.
  • The acknowledgement and disposition of all the required resources and means in order to ensure the uninterrupted productivity and effective operations of the company.
  • The creation of a technologically advanced, professional and suitable work environment.
  • Maintaining the high standards of our staff.
  • The continuous evaluation and unceasing observation of crucial parameters and processes as to guarantee the quality  of our facilities, services and personnel and

AIAS IOLCOS CONSULTING LTD is a specialized provider of Maritime Solutions in the areas of Quality, Health, Safety, Environmental, Security and Risk Management.

These solutions includes consulting, documentation development, training onboard and ashore in the above areas.

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